Social Skills & Drama Activity: Charades

Submitted by: Dorothy Cresswell, retired Kindergarten Teacher, Choral Music Director and Children’s Music Network member.

1. Have the children list different quality words such as
Love, Peace, Joy, Friendship, Caring, Hope etc.

2. Cut up pieces of paper into petals and put a quality word on each piece.

3. Pick a quality word out of a hat.

Act out that quality (do this with a partner or small group*).
Give a time limit for the other students to guess what the quality is. If they don’t seem to get it, give them hints.

(*Teacher note: have a non-threatening way to make partners or groups, such as counting off one through four and all the ones work together, and the twos, etc. Or everyone who has tie shoes, or velcro, or ….When kids are told to choose partners, inevitably some kids are not chosen or chosen last. This should NOT happen in a classroom building seeds of love! Kids will not naturally partner with someone they don’t know as well, or someone who is different. Help that to happen. Help them discover that they like each other!)

Make collage flowers with each color petal associated with a caring word. Too much writing gets boring, but repetition breeds understanding.

Social Skills Charades PSOL
Social Skills Charades PSOL

Same as above in JPG format

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