Planting Seeds of Love – A Substitution Song

Grade: PreK (ages 4 & 5) – grade 3

Concept: Have the children come up with other quality words that can be substituted for words in the song.

Materials needed: Attached worksheet, and/or do it orally.


  • Sing the song as written. (Download the free mp3 from
  • Have the children substitute their own words in place of the words love, peace, or song. (See attached worksheet)
  • They can also sing about planting the seeds in other places like their class, school, home, town, world etc.
  • They can plant seeds of love in other people’s hearts such as your’s, their friend’s, parent’s hearts.
  • Please come back to our site to share your children’s ideas with us!

Pam Donkin

PSOL A Substitution Song
PSOL A Substitution Song

Same as above in JPG format

PSOL Substitution Song Worksheet
PSOL Substitution Song Worksheet

Same as above in JPG format

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