Plant a Seed of Love, In A Cup

By Sammie Haynes

I was invited to perform a Spring program at the Auburn, ME public library.  I have lots of songs about spring but knew the highlight would be closing the show with Pam Donkin’s “Planting Seeds of Love”.

The librarian and I planned this little project:

She brought small paper cups and potting soil and I brought 2 packets of sunflower seeds.

After the show all the children were able to plant their “seeds of love” and bring them home. There was one seed left from the packets which the librarian planted for the library. I was as thrilled as she when she wrote to tell me it had sprouted and the children who had come to the show were able to watch its growth whenever they visited the library. Soon they moved it outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunflower!

Materials and instructions – this should be a supervised activity:

Cover several tables with newspaper. Dump the potting soil into shallow containers and add several spoons.  Help the children fill the cups about 2/3 full with soil. Have them take one seed and place it in the cup. Cover the seed with soil. Tell the children they should water it when they get home – but not too much! In fact it’s best if they can use a spray bottle to water. If they don’t have a spray bottle tell the parents to make a small drainage hole with a pencil or fork in the cup when they get home and place in a bowl and lightly water as needed. Keep in sunny window. Seeds should sprout in 3-10 days.

For another idea:

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