Planting Seeds of Love – A Substitution Song

Grade: PreK (ages 4 & 5) – grade 3

Concept: Have the children come up with other quality words that can be substituted for words in the song.

Materials needed: Attached worksheet, and/or do it orally.


  • Sing the song as written. (Download the free mp3 from
  • Have the children substitute their own words in place of the words love, peace, or song. (See attached worksheet)
  • They can also sing about planting the seeds in other places like their class, school, home, town, world etc.
  • They can plant seeds of love in other people’s hearts such as your’s, their friend’s, parent’s hearts.
  • Please come back to our site to share your children’s ideas with us!

Pam Donkin

PSOL A Substitution Song
PSOL A Substitution Song

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PSOL Substitution Song Worksheet
PSOL Substitution Song Worksheet

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Make and Plant Seed Paper Hearts

Thank you to Johanna Lee ( and Brigid Finucane for helping put together this fun activity!

Grade: PreK-3
Concept: Sequencing, Cause and Effect, Handwriting

Materials Needed:


1. Scrap Paper

2. Water

3. Blender

4. Measuring Cup, Bucket, Large Bowl, Colander or Strainer

5. Wildflower seeds

6. Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters, or Heart Shaped Paper forms,

7. Blanket or Towel


• 1. Tear paper into small pieces, separate colors so you have warm and cool colors together with the white paper, i.e. cool: green, purple, blue, warm: red, orange, yellow.

If you put all color together your paper will be brown!

• 2. Place 2 cups of torn paper in the bucket and cover with hot water, allow to sit 30 minutes or longer. Scoop wet paper into the blender and blend until smooth.

• 3. Pour the blended the paper into a bowl and sprinkle with wildflower seeds and stir.

• 4. Pour the seeded paper pulp into a colander and press out the water.

• 5. Press paper pulp into the heart form. Forms need to be placed on a towel. The pulp

needs to be left to dry out. The forms can be removed carefully.

• 6. Sing Planting Seeds of Love and have the children write the word LOVE or another quality word

on their seed paper heart.

• 7. The seed hearts can be planted in potting soil or in a Planting Seeds of Love flower bed covered with


Second and Third Grade Alternatives

• Second and third graders can make paper on screens and then cut the heart. This will

require a screen and wax paper and 2 dishpans.

• Step 3, paper is poured into a dishpan and water is added to make the pulp runny.

• Step 4, the screen is dipped into the pulp and and then place a piece of wax paper over the pulp and press with a sponge to remove the excess water.

• Step 5, Remove the wax paper and invert screen onto a towel, press the paper fibers into the towel, couching the fibers and gently lift the screen. It will tear if it is too wet.

Additional Resources

• YouTube: Preschoolers Making Seed Paper by Jackie Saggio *Paper pulp can be used

instead of foam just squeeze out the water so it is solid, then add the tissue and water and

• YouTube: Paper Making At Home by Roger Wilk. This includes a paper press but it is not necessary. Just do not forget to add the Wildflower seeds and cut into a heart.

• Ready made seed paper @

Make and Plant Seed Paper Hearts
Make and Plant Seed Paper Hearts

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Planting Seeds of Love Class Book with Collage or Drawings

This activity idea was created by Pam Donkin with help from Patricia Shih

Grade: PreK-grade 3

Concept: Create a “Planting Seeds of Love” class book

Materials Needed:  Colored markers/Pencils, different colored and/or patterned paper or fabric, safety scissors/optional.  Glue.  Poster board pre-cut to size


1. Show your students the Planting Seeds of Love video on so they can see the beautiful collage illustrations created by Johnette Downing.

2. Sing the song with the children. (download the mp3)

3. Ask the children to decide which kind of seed they would plant (and perhaps also where they would plant it). For example: I am planting seeds of care in the world. Or I am planting seeds of friendship in my class.(see sample page below)

4. They would make a picture/collage of that.

5. Collect and make a class book, then sing the book!

Reading and writing exercise, spelling – See attached worksheet


PSOL Creative Writing Worksheet
PSOL Creative Writing Worksheet

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Social Skills & Drama Activity: Charades

Submitted by: Dorothy Cresswell, retired Kindergarten Teacher, Choral Music Director and Children’s Music Network member.

1. Have the children list different quality words such as
Love, Peace, Joy, Friendship, Caring, Hope etc.

2. Cut up pieces of paper into petals and put a quality word on each piece.

3. Pick a quality word out of a hat.

Act out that quality (do this with a partner or small group*).
Give a time limit for the other students to guess what the quality is. If they don’t seem to get it, give them hints.

(*Teacher note: have a non-threatening way to make partners or groups, such as counting off one through four and all the ones work together, and the twos, etc. Or everyone who has tie shoes, or velcro, or ….When kids are told to choose partners, inevitably some kids are not chosen or chosen last. This should NOT happen in a classroom building seeds of love! Kids will not naturally partner with someone they don’t know as well, or someone who is different. Help that to happen. Help them discover that they like each other!)

Make collage flowers with each color petal associated with a caring word. Too much writing gets boring, but repetition breeds understanding.

Social Skills Charades PSOL
Social Skills Charades PSOL

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