Please join me in planting seeds of love in every heart! On this site you can download, FREE, the “Planting Seeds of Love” song plus the accompaniment and karaoke tracks, and a variety of enrichment activities across the curriculum: movement, drama, vocabulary, teamwork, science, cooperative problem-solving, arts and crafts.

The song was written to express that in planting a seed of love in my own heart, I love myself. When I love myself I share that loving-ness with others, planting seeds of love in their hearts, which they can in turn share with others. In so doing those seeds of love can flow around the world!

If you’d like to add your own project suggestions, experiences, photos or videos, please contact us and help make this a collaborative effort!

Many thanks to Children’s record label, A Gentle Wind, for allowing me to share this recording freely.

Pam Donkin

Planting seeds of love in every heart!

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